The Journey of Two Young Entrepreneurs:  From Conquering Their Goals to Conquering
Luxury Fashion Success

 Author: Jasmine Opher

In the world of fashion where creativity and innovation reign supreme and big cities dominate the market, the story of two young men of different backgrounds both hailing from “The First State” coming together to launch a luxury clothing brand is nothing short of remarkable.

Meet Art and Kev, the dynamic duo behind the athleisure and streetwear brand, Veni Vici. Although they both share the same hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Art and Kev’s backgrounds could not be any more different.

Arthur Wells, a creative mind with a checkered past, grew up in an impoverished neighborhood with limited options and opportunities. With his past in the rearview, Art is focused on the future ahead, and brings fresh perspectives, innovative designs, and an unmatched attention to detail to the Veni Vici clothing brand.

Kevin Roberts, a finance wiz with a college degree, grew up in a two-parent household with a hunger to build ownership and a legacy for his family. Roberts brings a strong business acumen and relentless work ethic that has largely contributed to Veni Vici’s growth and expansion.

Bonded by a passion for fashion, their diverse backgrounds became their strength, and created a balance that would propel their entrepreneurial journey.


Their journey started in 2020 from a small business meeting at Applebee’s. Art’s brother, Dayquon, had an idea to start a clothing line and thought connecting these two great minds would be the perfect recipe for a successful business team. Over time, a conversation at a casual dining chain restaurant blossomed into a strong business partnership with a vision to bring luxury fashion into an urban environment at a reasonable price.


These entrepreneurs believe that everyone can have access to luxury regardless of their environment and that luxury is a state of mind. We can’t always control our environment, but we can control how we feel within it and that is luxury.

The name “Veni Vici” was carefully chosen to represent their brand message. It means, “I came, I conquered.” The brand aims to represent anyone who has ever had a dream or difficult circumstances to overcome.

“Everyone has their own story, and their own goals,” said Roberts. “Make your own path, set your own goals, and conquer them all.”

The Veni Vici apparel style draws inspiration from a combination of hip-hop music videos, fashion shows, and current trends in urban areas.

“Each design tells a story,” said Wells. “There’s meaning behind everything from the stitch pattern to the letters in the logo. All apparel is carefully crafted to bring customers luxury, comfort, exclusivity, and confidence.”

Veni Vici has experienced significant growth and success this year. What began as a 12 T-shirt showcase advertised around the neighborhood, flourished into a trusted brand that offers a variety of hoodies, shirts, and athleisure gear for each season. Art and Kev attribute much of their brand’s success to the wealth of unwavering support from their families, their community, and close friends, namely, Art’s longtime friend, Dashawn.

“Dashawn was the one that believed in us,” said Art. “He invested his time, money, and ideas and motivated us to keep going through all our trials and tribulations. He still supports us to this day.”

Veni Vici has a diverse team of brains behind the operation and their company continues to expand as they strive to become a household name in the fashion industry.

The journey of Art and Kev, from contrasting backgrounds to building a luxury clothing brand, exemplifies the power of determination, collaboration, and a shared passion. Veni Vici is a testament to the idea that diversity and uniqueness can breed innovation and hardwork and dedication can help you achieve your goals. These inspiring entrepreneurs came into the game strong with plans to conquer the fashion world.